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Project Management Advisory & Delivery

AYRES provides end to end project management advisory, planning and delivery services. We offer guidance and support for effective project planning, execution, and completion. It includes advisory services for project management processes and techniques, as well as delivery services for project execution and management. The goal is to help organisations achieve their strategic goals through successful project delivery. Navigate complexities in project management with teams by using effective project management tools in Australia.

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Our Services

Advisory Services:

Our advisory services are dedicated to helping organizations strategically plan, execute, and successfully conclude projects. We provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire project lifecycle, offering insights into project management processes, best practices, and techniques. By assisting project teams in navigating complex issues, managing stakeholders, and overcoming communication challenges, we contribute to the effective implementation of projects. Our advisory services empower organizations to enhance their project management capabilities, ensuring a smooth journey from project initiation to completion.

Delivery Services:

Our delivery services are tailored to assist organizations in achieving their strategic goals through the effective execution of projects. We specialize in the seamless management and execution of projects, equipping project managers and teams with the necessary tools, resources, and support. With a focus on monitoring and controlling project progress, managing risks and issues, and adhering to agreed-upon timeframes and budgets, our delivery services ensure that projects are successfully completed. Organizations can rely on our delivery services to foster efficiency, mitigate risks, and attain optimal results, aligning project outcomes with their overarching objectives.

Years Experience

Major Projects Completed






Our Projects

City Fertility Victoria

Project Value: $7.5M

Project Length: 12 Months

AYRES led the design and construct of a new class 9a day Surgery IVF clinic that consisted of consulting suites, a labratory, and an operating theatre.


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