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A leading Management Consulting Firm

We provide first class consulting services that can be done with you or for you. We use the most advanced methodologies that can be used across many industries to make your business win.

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Our Services

Elevate your business with our strategic expertise, making us the top choice in management & strategy consulting firms in Australia. Ayres Consulting is your trusted partner for success. Explore our tailored project management consultancy services for construction projects, engineering & more, driving excellence in every aspect of your business.

Strategy and Business Planning

Ayres Consulting strategy and business planning is designed to help organisations set goals, make informed decisions, and allocate resources effectively to achieve those goals. 

Project Management Advisory & Delivery

We provide project management advisory services and delivery services to manage or deliver complex programs or projects to suit your requirements.

AI In Project Management

Our AI solutions are designed to make your life easier. Our AI tools provides unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to focus on what really matters - your projects.

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We work with healthcare clients to make a complex sector simple. We provide strategic advice on business models, innovation, R&D, medical device design, product development, services, integration, technology, regulatory pathways, project management and manufacturing.


We have partnered with many construction companies to help them scale their construction businesses to the next level.

We have extensive experience managing capital delivery projects and providing project management consulting services in the construction industry.

AYRES provides specialised services across; 


We've worked with many local clients into the food and beverage sector. The solutions we provide help them manage their pipeline of new food and beverage products to market.

We do this by using our in-house product development knowledge along side using cloud based workflow software such as Smartsheet.


The engineering sector is made of a wide range of industries and we work with our clients to rethink what’s possible and help them succeed.


We provide first class engineering consulting services and help our clients understand their value and unlock new potential. This spans across; Innovation, R&D, Product design & Development, technology, human centered design, testing, designing Australian and global to standards and manufacturing.

Our Projects

City Fertility Victoria

Project Value: $7.5M

Project Length: 12 Months

AYRES led the design and construct of a new class 9a day Surgery IVF clinic that consisted of consulting suites, a labratory, and an operating theatre.


Years Experience

Major Projects Completed


Awards Won

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