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AI In Project Management

Our AI maturity assessments, how-to guides, workshops, and software tools will revolutionise the way you work. Discover a world of limitless possibilities with Ayres AI. Visit our website at to explore how our transformative programs can propel your organisation towards a more efficient future.

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We Provide:

AI Business Assessment

Our AI maturity assessment provides your organisation's AI journey with a comprehensive evaluation of your AI capabilities and a roadmap to success.


AI Training & Workshops 

Gain essential AI skills for better planning, scheduling, risk management, and collaboration, ensuring successful project delivery through effective strategies and ethical insights.


AI Best Practises 

We provide AI best practises in project management to help streamline your business. From, AI generated project documentation, to AI in project management how to guides. 


AI Software Tools & Implementation

Our AI platform provides a seamless project management experience. From collaboration to automation, our technology has everything you need to succeed.

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Our Clients

Peter Ceredig-Evans, Director of Try With Mirra

Peter Ceredig-Evans, Director of Try With Mirra

Their AI project management guide has revolutionised our approach, helping us seamlessly incorporate AI techniques and cut hours off our projects with remarkable results.

Nick Shepard, Director of Tekfinder

Nick Shepard, Director of Tekfinder

Really impressed by the capabilities and integrations that programs offer. Initially, I was using a different project management tool for my startup, but I decided to give a go and they provided a lot of guidance on how we can use AI to our full advantage. 

Julian Silk, CEO of TBC People

Julian Silk, CEO of TBC People

Their AI Software reccomendations enabled us to allocate resources effectively, innovate confidently, and maintain a leading edge in our industry.

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