Remote project and program management made simple for managers.

Powerful cloud based project management software, combined with value adding project management templates, automated reporting and dashboards.


Remote working & project challenges makes it harder than it needs to be... 

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  • Working from home makes work, cumbersome, error-prone, and slow. Remote work made it hard to keep track of everyone's work, making it hard to collaborate

  • Projects are being managed individually rather than on a program or portfolio level

  • Sharing information outside of the company is difficult and timely 

  • ​There is conflicting project priorities with poor management visibility and updates

  • ​Team communication feels fragmented due to having too many communication channels

  • ​There is multiple software tools in my company, which created data silos with lack of visibility, duplication of work and loss of knowledge

  • Team workloads are not balanced where some were underworked or overwhelmed.

Smartsheet combined with optimised project management templates, automated reporting and dashboards presents a worthy Opportunity


✔︎ Easy-to-use platform and templates, reports and dashboards enables teams to plan, collaborate, and  work together, no matter where they are 

✔︎ Saves time, increases remote collaboration and in turn efficiency

✔︎ The framework has proven to provide open collaboration and create efficiencies for managing multiple projects

✔︎ It works particular well for managing cross functional teams remotely


✔︎ Ideal for managers, business owners, project managers, program managers and portfolio managers


Example Templates